Redmi k20 Pro


read me k20 Pro depending on who you are

you’ve either heard a ton of hype around

this for a while now or this is

literally the first time you’re ever

hearing about it right now I feel like

this phone picks up right where the

polka phone left off it’s very similar

to the polka phone in more ways than one

but instead of just nailing a few key

specs for a super low price this

red-meat k20 pro feels like a super

complete all-around basically flagship

level phone it has essentially

everything for 400 bucks and that’s why

it’s blowing up it’s definitely more

expensive than the 300 dollar polka

phone which is absolutely crazy but this

in this package is definitely a better

more all-around phone you’ll see what I

mean but first I want to address the

whole naming scheme so when I was first

put onto this phone you guys put it on

my radar a lot of tweets at me a lot of

emails asking me to review red-meat k20

Pro so I look it up and it looks like

this so I looked out on my desk and I

already have this phone right here so

I’m like oh I already have a k20 Pro

except it’s not it says says me on the

back and it came in a box from Xiaomi

that said Xiaomi me 90 there’s a couple

other slightly different things about it

but they look nearly identical so I look

up the specs of this mean 90 to see how

similar they are it’s essentially

exactly the same as the k20 Pro but with

a snapdragon 730 but then I unbox it and

I log in to my Google account on it and

it says welcome to your read me K 20

which is making me even more confused

but then I finally do get the read me K

20 Pro turns out the K 20 Pro is just an

upgraded version of the K 20 this has

the Snapdragon 855 the K 20 has a

Snapdragon 730 which has a global

version called the Xiaomi me 90 which is

an upgraded version of the Xiaomi me 9

if you follow all of that but none of

that really matters what matters is the

K 20 Pro

deserves the attention is getting

because it legitimately tries to include

literally everything you could possibly

expect out of a flagship but out of

lower price

now it’s not all the highest-quality it

definitely has a quantity it has almost

everything but it’s still a 400 ollar

phone so aesthetically first of all it’s

pretty unique looking with the colors

sort of dancing down the sides and then

depending on how the light hits it this

shimmery pattern changes it’s pretty

cool but it’s actually also still glass

and still a fingerprint magnet but this

thing is already starting off with a leg

up you typically expect budget phones to

have plastic and cheap materials this

one is legit metal and glass USB type-c

you got it a slight curve to the bag

glass you got it

headphone jack you got that a

full-screen display from top to bottom

thin bezels you got it pop-up selfie

camera you got it a built-in LED light

fingerprint reader underneath the glass

you got that too four thousand milliamp

power battery you got that Snapdragon

855 it’s all here pretty much the only

hardware thing this guy is missing if

you’re comparing it to flagships is

water resistance and wireless charging

so you know it is a glass back with no

wireless charging I’ve said before if

you’re gonna do that just go with a high

quality plastic so you avoid being

breakable but oh well

so like I’ve said the list of things

that this phone has as you’ve heard is

kind of amazing but the actual quality

of all these different things varies not

all specs are created equal the natural

place to start as a display and it’s

pretty nice to be honest it’s a six

point four inch 1080p AMOLED no notch

thin bezels and it’s pretty bright its

visible outdoors with fairly decent

colors maybe a little big if anything

but we’re so used to seeing so many

budget phones with either big chins and

big bezels or smaller screens or notches

this one’s just clean and it’s flat so

I’m reminded again of how much I liked

this versus the displays that sort of

spill over the sides so I really like

this screen to me this is the best

display in any mid-range phone and then

underneath that display glass there is a

fingerprint reader which again that’s

pretty impressive for a mid-range er at

the fact that it’s there in the first

place but this reader itself it’s not

that fast so you can kind of get used to

it it’s a little bit of a delay when you

press it but it’s in this weird place

where it’s slower than most other in


fingerprint readers on great phones but

also slower than the capacitive ones are

used to but at least it’s cooler it’s

under the screen and then like we’ve

also seen lately to achieve the full

screen design pop-up selfie camera and

this one has a light on it I don’t know

if that achieves anything other than

looking kind of cool but the mechanism

is decently fast it’s rated for 300,000

opens and closes you can’t use it for

RGB face unlock but I don’t recommend

that and it even has automatic freefall

detection so if you’re taking a selfie

and you drop the phone and it has a

freefall it actually closes the camera

app and shuts it to avoid damage if it

lands on it but a low-key pretty

important part of it is that light in

the selfie camera actually shines

through the top of it so it can act as a

sort of a notification LED so you can

see if you’re plugged in and charging it

lights up to tell you and when you’re

finished charging that changes really

the only thing I don’t like about this

selfie camera is the photos it takes

which are straight garbage like this is

possibly the worst selfie camera I can

remember using since I started to review

phones there’s absolutely no dynamic

range colours are pretty terrible at a

very very soft detail yes beauty mode is

off like I just don’t know why it’s this

bad but you know what makes it even more

crazy how good the back cameras are this

k20 Pro again has yet another flagship

looking spec an array of triple cameras

on the back a 48 megapixel main camera

an 8 megapixel telephoto and a 13

megapixel ultra wide so that main sensor

is a Sony it’s an amx 586 so it’s the

same sensor that we’ve seen in a couple


honor and vivo phones that have

performed pretty well it’ll shoot 4k

60fps video with any of the camera

lenses so yes you can shoot video with

the ultra wide camera unlike the 1 plus

7 Pro it’ll even shoot 960 FPS

slow-motion now it’s not high resolution

at all but you know definitely more of a

gimmick but that’s still pretty cool and

then for photos I was of course

expecting maybe some average photos some

that maybe look better if they’re in

great light and I was very impressed

obviously if you give it a ton of light

you’re going to get the best out of the

sensor and this stayed true HDR was

working pretty great but even the ultra

wide camera was giving me some nice

shots the

every production wasn’t too

oversaturated or overdone with the

processing sometimes you see too much

sharpening in these phones that wasn’t

here I was more impressed often than I

thought I would be it’s not the fastest

camera in the world but overall the

image quality not bad and even at night

like in in dark environments where you

expect it to fall apart yeah it totally

does the noise reduction goes super

overboard and everything is super soft

and it looks terrible but if you happen

to have a subject that will sit still

for you and you turn on night mode you

get some of your sharpness back and the

dynamic range actually improves like

that’s that’s that’s pretty good that’s

not bad so really the only thing left is

using the phone every day and again like

I said technically on paper it has all

those things you’d expect from a

flagship snapdragon a 55 six or eight

gigs of ram and up to 256 gigs of

storage so it’s running MIUI 10 on top

of Android Pi and this is not my first

choice but it’s growing on me so

aesthetically this is why it’s not my

favorite but functionally it’s not

lacking at all the app drawer with the

search bar at the bottom is nice for

each ability it actually has a nice

clean brightness slider that I’ve liked

for a while it’s like always available

but the glassiness of it all and the the

icons just certain things are a little

too much for me and that’s kind of their

aesthetic right now but overall

performance I’d say it was about a B and

this is something I actually expect it

to be better when you have these

high-end specs but the animations

weren’t really smooth all the time I got

occasional hiccups with the keyboard and

with opening stuff minor things but

stuff you don’t really expect to see

from a phone with a 1080p display and a

high-end chip so it’s still fast but not

really that smooth if that makes sense

but that battery though that four

thousand milliamp hour battery they put

in this phone gives it a battery life

that is right up to par with the other

flagship sometimes better than the 1 + 7

/ I’ve been using and not only does it

have a really large battery and support

fast charging but it also comes with a

fast charger in the box

and it has this sweet charging animation

so the battery life situation is pretty

great on this phone look I’m going to

tell you right now for the price

red-meat K 20 pro is a great phone it

I think it gets you the closest to

forgetting that you spent half what you

could have spent on a high-end phone it

gets you the closest to that but a lot

of this is easy to just point out on

paper when you actually use it there are

certain things that keep reminding you

that it is a cheaper phone the vibration

motor for example pretty cheap pretty

loose not very good and when you feel

that all the time you’re reminded also

the single mono speaker at the bottom is

super easy to block and that’s pretty

bad so if you do audio all the time

you’re reminded the selfie camera like I

talked about is just absolutely

comically awful and even little things

like the slower fingerprint reader you

might not know it’s slow if you haven’t

used a more expensive phone but I

definitely did notice it but for the

most part the important stuff the big

stuff your specs your overall solid

build quality your solid performance the

headphone jack is a nice touch and the

display being better than I expected

sort of fits this where the polka phone

left off which is a really really great

value and kind of like that polka phone

even if you never buy this redmi k20 pro

or even the xiaomi me 90 this is still a

testament to how good these mid-range

and budget phones have gotten lately so

maybe I can’t say good phones are

getting cheap anymore maybe we’ll put a

little strikeout through that one but I

definitely can say cheap phones are

getting good and I’m glad this one

exists to be a part of that movement

that’s been it thanks for watching catch

you guys the next one peace

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