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and this is the body language

so after a long long wait of more than

one and a half years poco finally

launched a new phone now you would

expect poco to launch a successor to the

legendary poco f1 right but nope that

clearly did not happen it

bokary entered the market by launching a

new series of smartphone in the

mid-range segment so it is pretty clear

that poco is not only going to launch

flagship killers like the poco f1 but

they might launch multiple smartphones

across multiple segments this year which

honestly is a good thing but anyway the

first smartphone by poco for this year

is here and it is the poke of x2 this

phone offers some really good features

for the starting point of rupees 16000

let’s start with the design and build

quality so design of poco x2 is

different from the other smartphones in

the similar price segment especially the

camera module I really like this

circular old-school coin machine type

looking design of the camera module it

makes it look pretty unique it houses a

power button on the right side which

doubles as a physical fingerprint sensor

now this fingerprint sensor is fast and

accurate as you would expect a physical

fingerprint sensor to perform so no

complaints over there now I really wish

there were some better color options for

this phone so this phone comes in three

color options purple red and blue

none of these colors are classy like

these colors are all flashy and I really

wish that they would have launched black

or white because that would have been

awesome not everyone lives a colorful

life some people live a minimalistic

life and for those people a black or

white option would be perfect maybe in

the coming future they really launched a

new color I really hope that they do now

poco x2 is a very big phone it is not a

small phone it’s almost as big as the 1

plus 7 Pro so if you like small phones

then this is not for you it has a

massive 6.6 7 inch display up front with

resolution of Full HD plus now this

display has a refresh rate of 120 Hertz

and it is IPS LCD so there’s been some

debate about 120 Hertz LCD vs. 60 Hertz

AMOLED and it’s a split board 50% people

love the 120 Hertz LCD display and 50%

people think that they should have gone

with a 60 Hertz AMOLED display because

that would have been better now if you

ask me I would any day pick the one

20 Hertz IPS LCD over 60 Hertz AMOLED

because that 120 Hertz refresh rate does

matter a lot it makes your phone really

smooth and fun to use and you have to

experience it in person to know what I’m

talking about so if you’ve ever used a

higher refresh rate display you will

relate to me and even you will choose

the 120 Hertz interest rate IPS LCD over

the 60 Hertz AMOLED

besides the LCD panel on the poco x2 is

actually pretty good excellent viewing

angles the colors are on point and even

the brightness level is good enough to

use outdoors in sunny conditions so

things like watching movies YouTube

Netflix hot star or playing your

favorite games or just browsing through

Instagram and Twitter are really good

and the display does not feel cheap at

all it is a very good display for the

price of replace 16,000 now the display

is a hole-punch display that means it

has a cutout for the camera module and

this time it’s a dual camera setup on

the front side now please make a note

that there is some screen bleeding

around the camera now I am not annoyed

by it at all but if you’re a person who

gets annoyed by screen bleeding then

please make a note of that okay now

let’s talk about what lies on to the

hurdal Snapdragon 730 g6 or 8gb of

lpddr4 X Ram 64 128 or 256 GB of ufs 2.1

storage of 4500 milliamp hour battery

and 27 watt fast charging and yes the

charger is included in the box now how

do these numbers translate into

real-life performance well the

Snapdragon 750 G is a very capable

processor and performance on poco x2 is

excellent you can through whatever you

want added and it does not proper sweat

and it feels very smooth the overall

experience is very smooth and it does

not lag at all especially normal tasks

like checking email declined to whatsapp

messages browsing through YouTube or

some photo editing in snap scene and

Lightroom everything is very smooth and

I really liked the performance on this

phone even the gaming performance is

excellent now before someone out there

shouts at me saying that pub G does not

work at 60fps I know it does not work at

60fps that is a limitation of the

processor that is not dragging 730 G but

there is a workaround and you should

definitely follow the ranch I was late

for that so Dhananjay Bhosle has made

an entire video about pub G on Coco x2

and he’s done one hell of a job so I’ll

make sure or drop a link to that video

in the description box below so if you

are a hardcore pub G player you should

definitely watch that video a big part

of the performance is also software now

this phone that is the poco extra counts

with me you I 11 4 poco based on Android

now this me ui 11 4 poco comes with the

focal nodular pre-installed and I love

polka launcher it is very good in fact I

use polka launcher on all the Android

phones like if I buy a Samsung phone or

a real me phone the first thing I will

do is install poker enjoy and in Pokemon

show you can also change the icon pack I

go with the pixel icon pack and then the

phone looks like stock Android and then

I throw in a good wallpaper from

backdrops and call it a deal so yeah

that’s my setup and that’s why it looks

so clean now when it come to the actual

software optimization me you are 11 for

poco is not perfect by any means there

are still tons and tons of optimizations

that need to be done and I hope that

poco pushes out regular updates for this

phone and make the software experience

even better so as and when updates will

come along this phone will get better

and the performance will get better with

it now one prime example where software

optimization lacks is in terms of

battery life so the poco x2 has a four

thousand 500 milliamp hour battery and

it does not last as long as you would

expect it to now obviously there’s a 120

Jose fresh slate display and that’s

draining a lot of battery but if the

software optimization is on point then

you can get more battery life typically

I am getting somewhere around

five-and-a-half to six hours of screen

on time and if it goes above six hours

then that would be perfect so maybe in

the future software updates they can

make the battery optimization better so

that we can get better battery life now

as I mentioned this phone does come with

a fast charger inside the box that is a

27 watt fast charger and it works

excellent it will charge your phone up

to 100% under one hour and that is a

very underrated feature nowadays like

every smart phone is coming with a fast

charger and fast charging technology has

come to a whole new level and that is

excellent ok now let’s go ahead and talk

about the main thing with poco x2 and

that is them cameras on the rear side

you get a quad camera setup a 64

megapixel primary

and so that is the Sony IMX 686 an

8-megapixel ultra wide-angle camera a

two megapixel depth sensor and a two

megapixel macro camera it is a very good

quad camera setup and especially the

primary camera is very good so clicking

photos is an excellent experience with

the poco x2 made me day lighting

conditions low lighting conditions

artificial lighting conditions the poco

x2 click some of the best images in its

price segment in fact this time poco has

done a very good job in terms of

optimizing the software for the camera

the colors are good the dynamic range is


there is a lot of detail in the photos

and they look very natural and not


so earlier there was a problem with

Xiaomi phones where they used to over

saturate the images but that problem

does not exist in poco x2 now I’ve made

a dedicated camera review for the poco

x2 and it has a lot more camera samples

and in case you missed that video don’t

worry I will drop a link to it in the I

button over here and also in the

description box below go ahead and watch

that video and then you’ll understand

more about the cameras on poke of X to

normal comes with a front camera you get

a dual camera setup or 20 megapixel

primary camera and a 2 megapixel depth

sensor the front camera on the poco x2

is very good again the software

optimization is excellent for the front

camera as well now moving on let’s talk

about the little things like the

headphone jack so I really like the fact

that Pokkiri it in the headphone jack

because at this price point the

headphone jack is very important and why

the audio is still very good the prime

example of that is the medial driver

your phone’s it’s like a dream

combination the medial driver your

phones and photo x2 you get a really

good experience while listening to music

or watching movies so if you buy the

poco x2 I would highly recommend you to

buy the medieval driver your phones as

well and you will have a very good


now what about the speakers the speakers

on the poco x2 are ok ish it’s not

something out of the world it’s a normal

speaker and it won’t surprise you in any


the poco h2 comes with a hybrid SIM card

slot solution that means you can use one

SIM card one micro SD card or two SIM

cards and I think that is ok if you want

to use a micro SD card there is an

option available and that is ok

obviously it would have been better if

they had offered a dedicated micro SD

card slot and that would have been just

perfect now overall to sum it up I would

say the poco x2

a step in the right direction it is not

perfect by any means but the fact that

poco launched a mid-range phone and the

fact that the price is so perfect makes

me really excited for future iterations

of this product it’s a good start by

poco in this segment and a huge thumbs

up for the team for bringing this phone

to India and at such a great price if

you ask me poco x2 is probably one of

the best phones right now in India under

20,000 rupees and if you want to buy it

I’ll make sure to drop a link to it in

the description box below so anyway this

was my full review of the poco x2 if you

liked it then don’t forget to hit that

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my name is Hersh Punjabi and I’ll see

you guys in the next one


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