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everybody this is Cedric and welcome to

pear crew this is the honor 20 it was

launched earlier this summer as part of

honors 20 line up along with the honor

20 light a mid-range device and the

honor 20 Pro a high-end flagship the

honor 20 which sits between these two is

an entry-level flagship that retails

close to 500 euros before we begin I

want to say thank you to honor and

xda-developers for sending over the

device for me to review this is my

personal and impartial review of the

honor 20 and neither honor nor xva have

had any part in its compilation I’ve

been using the honor 20 for the past few

months and as promised in my first

impressions video this is my full review

but before we dive into the specifics

let’s take a quick look at some of the

phones key specs the honor 20 comes with

Android Pi out of the box running on

Huawei securin 980 SOC purged with 6

gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of

non-expandable internal storage on the

front we have a 1080p LCD display with a

camera cutout and on the back it

features a quad camera setup to support

all this it packs a large 3750 milliamp

hour battery and 20 2.5 watt fast

charging support the device comes

bundled with a clear TPU case a 22 point

5 watt super charger a headphone adapter

and a USB type-c cable starting with a

design the honor 20 is a really

good-looking device the metal sides and

glass back lended a premium albeit

slightly slippery feel in the hand its

glass back has what owner calls a

holographic design which refracts light

differently according to the angle you

hold it on the front of the display runs

edge to edge with narrow bezels and a

quite discreet camera cutout that you

quickly get used to a much better

alternative to the notch in my opinion I

was originally skeptical of the Sony

Style side mounted fingerprint scanner

but it quickly became my preferred setup

for it since my hand naturally rests

there anyways on the bottom we have a

single down firing speaker that gets

reasonably loud without much distortion

and we also have a USB type-c port sadly

headphone jack support is apps

and moving on to the display it’s a

1080p full HD IPS LCD panel with 412 PPI

pixel density sadly honor decided not to

use an AMOLED here but this is

definitely one of the best-looking

quality LCD displays I’ve seen on a

smartphone colors are vivid and accurate

with good viewing angles and the display

can get quite bright which is useful for

outdoor use the camera setup on the

honor 20 is definitely one of its main

selling points let’s start with the easy

one the front-facing 32 megapixel sensor

does a pretty good job outputting sharp

images with natural-looking colors

portrait mode worked quite well with

only minor blunders on edge detection

moving to the back we have a diver squad

camera set up the main shooter is a 48

megapixel Sony IMX 586 with an F 1.8

aperture we also have a 16 megapixel F

2.2 ultra wide sensor a 2 megapixel

deficit sensor and a 2 megapixel macro

camera with a fixed focus at 4

centimeters the main camera defaults to

shooting at 12 megapixels by bidding 4

pixels together to produce better

quality results the colors are accurate

and dynamic range is quite impressive

through testing I found out that turning

on a I preset detection helps quickly

produce good results in many situations

however especially wherever greenery is

involved colors do get noticeably

saturated and the contrast is also

boosted while you can shoot 48 megapixel

pictures in my opinion it doesn’t

produce as good results as using the 12

megapixel pinning mode if you want to

shoot a 48 megapixel image I will

recommend instead using the 48 megapixel

AI ultra clarity mode if you have a

steady subject in this mode the camera

shoots and combines multiple images for

a few seconds to create a better overall

single image switching to the ultra wide

sensor you do lose some detail and the

colors slightly wash out compared to the

main shooter but it is more than capable

of producing impressive ultra wide-angle


finally the micro camera is one of the

device’s features that make it unique

compared to other recent flagships for

best results your subject must be placed

at exactly 4 centimeters in front of the


it makes for a cool and capable addition

to your camera ours

however there are situations were using

the main shooter would yield better

results always night mode works quite

well on the honor 20 and can be used on

both the main and ultra-wide sensors

switching it on at night improves

exposure and dynamic range of your shots

and brings in some level of detail even

in the night sky the honor 20 can record

up to 4k 30fps or 1080p 60fps video and

while it does lack optical image


it does have always-on electronic image

stabilization which works quite well

you can shoot video through both the

main and ultra wide sensor the result

has vivid colors and good dynamic range

without any noise but it could have some

better detail to it on the software side

of the camera honor has a quite complete

package that includes a variety of modes

like Pro Mode night mode portrait

slow-motion time-lapse HDR panorama and

one of my favorites light painting

moving on to the software Department the

honor 20 comes running magic UI 2.1

which is honors rebranding of huawei CM

ui9 running on android pi magic UI is

definitely not everyone’s cup of tea for

someone such as myself who likes a near

stock Android experience honor skin

initially feels needlessly bloated

however after switching to a third-party

launcher uninstalling and disabling a

bunch of hallways pre-loaded

applications and tuning out the privacy

settings I found that I could bend the

OS to my will to a certain degree

blubber aside mask UI does have some

features that I found to enhance the

user experience over stock Android such

as team support hallways built-in his’n

audio enhancement multiple system

navigation options a blocking private

spaces and what I considered to be an

overlooked omission from AOSP advanced

volume control aside from the AI camera

mode owner likes to show off the cure in

1980s dual neural processing unit by

performing facial object and scenery

recognition in its gallery app which

makes for a nice gimmick finally a small

note on software support the honor 20

launched amid controversy with the

us-china trade war and there was fear

that it would no longer receive software

updates but that has all been resolved

now the owner twenties performance is on

par with what you’d expect from a device

with huawei’s latest Kirin 988

associate using the device is a smooth

experience and I haven’t had but only a

couple of occasional software glitches

the ample six gigs of RAM

along with Magic you is aggressive RAM

management is sure to keep foreground

tasks running smoothly and the mildly

g76 GPU while not the equal of the

snapdragon 855 the juno 640 runs even

the most demanding games at high frame

rates with the graphics maxed out

battery life is excellent as I usually

end the day on slightly below 50% with

around 4 hours of screen on time that

includes light gaming productivity apps

social media camera use etc if your use

calls for a quick recharge honor bundles

the device with a super charger that can

charge the battery up to 50 percent in

30 minutes

while the honor 20 feels like great

device overall there are a few things

that I change first Huawei chips emui on

many devices with a built in dark mode

however this seems to be missing on the

honor 20 hopefully it will be included

in a future software update also the

lack of 3.5 millimeter audio jack

support was a bit of a disappointment

but thankfully honor bundles an adapter

for connecting your headphones

as stated before not everyone’s gonna be

a fan of honors magic UI as it feels a

bit bloated at times but at the end it

boils down to personal preference

finally a more specific con that will

bug mostly Android enthusiasts Huawei

has stopped providing a bootloader

unlock method for its devices thus

limiting routing and custom ROM

development hopefully this policy will

change in the future to sum everything

up the honor 20 is a great overall

device it brings to the table a

beautiful and functional design along

with a versatile and powerful camera

setup performance and battery life is

excellent as expected from its hardware

and the device is priced at the point

capable of competing with Samsung’s

Galaxy S 10 e or Xiaomi me 90 Pro what

do you think of the honor 20 let me know

in the comments section below this was

it for this video everybody I hope you

enjoyed it if you did make sure to give

it a thumbs up and subscribe for more

awesome videos I will see you in the

next one


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