Asus zenfone 6z

hi there this is Ranjith an in this

video we’ll be doing the full review for

this case who’s sexy smartphone which is

the flagship smartphone back a source

that was just recently launched and this

starts at around 32,000 and I have been

actually testing this metal slightly

over two weeks now

so I’ll share my opinion I’ll tan divide

this review between pros and cons what I

actually liked about this and one of the

things actually I did not like about it

there’s a huge list guys so let’s get on

with this but before that here are the

quick specs for the issue 6z and come to

the 6.4 inch IPS LCD screen it sparked

by the Qualcomm flagship Snapdragon 850

fire so see if it comes with the audrina

640 GPU it comes in six or eight

gigabytes of RAM and has that unique

dual flip camera and a five thousand

milliamp hour battery so let’s get on

with the review and let’s first talk

about the pros what do I like about the

device and first let’s talk about the

user interface because in earlier Asus

devices the user interface was not the

best numb those user interfaces are most

close to stock Android they call it the

new UI and in fact it is almost like

stock Android and if you even go to the

left you see the Google pane so they

didn’t try to customize and do anything

fancy with that so it’s very close to

stock Android that you are getting it is

almost thought you would say and it even

has digital well being and what do you

say features that you would like and

also as it’s very close to stop it’s

very very fast and fluid in my two weeks

of testing and never faced any issues of

black enos or jitter enos on this device

again that Snapdragon 850 fire so see

also heads

now let’s talk about the build quality

here also I felt that the build quality

was really good the moment you pick up

the phone you feel that the build

quality was really good and Asus did not

do any compromise in fact that entire

outer chase’s is made up of actually

aluminium and it feels in that so it

feels like a really premium built phone

now let’s talk about the screen

exchange that Asus did offer an AMOLED

screen but they went with the IPS LCD


and I would say the IPS LCD screen

that’s a six point four inch of phone HD

plus screen is actually a very good

quality screen the colors are actually

very accurate on this one and it’s also

HD art compatible so in terms of screen

quality I would say the screen quality

is actually good but it’s not an AMOLED

screen and some of you were asking me

about even the brightness on this the

brightness level is good on the screen

in fact if you keep it on auto

brightness and even go in outdoor

situation it ramps up easily and it’s

easily actually visible in direct

sunlight but the thing they have noticed

is that if you directly go to this

outdoor sunlight it takes about three or

four seconds for it to react but after

that it’s easily visible even in direct

sunlight in fact in terms of brightness

it’s 600 nets now another small thing is

that again these flagship phones all

have all sensors and stuff and this also

has everything that you expect but I

like the fact that auto brightness

calibration has been done ran on this in

the past two weeks I did not have to

manually fiddle a lot with the out an

auto brightness sensor another small

thing that I really appreciate on this

phone is that this phone still has a

physical LED notification light it’s a

tiny light that glows over here it glows

in two colors so I mean I like the fact

it has that physical LED notification

light again as I mentioned the UI is

almost talk so again no issues of any

lag enos or anything and in even in

terms of ROM management the ROM

management was done very well never I

felt any apps were getting booted out

unnecessarily and memory resident apps

that needs to be in memory were there so

the RAM management also has been that

actually really well on this device

there is also another special key on

this one the Asus likes to call it the

smart key in fact all the keys are

actually on the right side of the phone

on the left side we don’t have any keys

and the smart key don’t it’s slightly on

the top I would say by and by default if

you press it once it goes to Google

assistant but you can customize it I

have actually customize it and you have

options of single tap double tap and

hold it for a long time so you can do

three different tasks with that and

it’ll actually allows you to actually

customize what you want in fact I did it

for example if you tap one instead of

launch the Google assistant it will


my what’s happening for the day why the

Google assistant and if I just doubled

up I have set it to what do you say this

is called the flashlight so this is very

convenient double tap flat and switches

on and off and again as I spend a lot of

time in video recording and stuff if I

hold it for a while it toggles the Do

Not Disturb on and off and again you can

customize all the options that you would

like so that’s also convenient keypad

again I find it that’s slightly on the

top that smart key now a small thing

that I’ve noticed on this phone and

other flagships do not have this feature

is that they have FM radio functionality

on this phone and also in terms of the

SD card it’s actually a triple slot so

you can put two nano sims and a

dedicated micro SD card on this

smartphone also moving to the battery

this is a big thing on this smartphone

it comes to the mass of five thousand

milliamp hour battery which we haven’t

seen on any other flagship and that

really delivers in terms of performance

in terms of battery life I was always

using this phone with two sims that is

my it tells him that is a primary cell

and Gio

that was my second reason and also it

supports dual volte so I was using it

didn’t yield volte mode and the battery

life I was skating was easily about one

and a half to almost two days so the

battery life is really good even a heavy

use it for example just two days ago

I had to go in Delhi and I had to wake

up at 5 o’clock in the morning because

those early flight at end of the day in

Delhi it was at about 11 o’clock at

night it still had about 48 percent

battery life so in terms of battery life

it is really good I would say easily

lasts about one and a half and if you

just use it with a single sim it might

last you for almost two days also going

to charging it comes with an 18 watt

Qualcomm quick charge for that is in the

box yes it’s not as fast as some of the

other charges but due to that five

thousand milliamp hour battery I in my

12 days of testings never in a

particular day in the middle of the day

had to plug it to a charge now I’m

moving to another small thing that I

really appreciate is that a suits retain

the 3.5 mm headphone jack on this one

and the audio output that we get from

the headphone jack is actually really

good I test rated with my seller CX 180

which is a budget oriented headphones

the output was great I even tested with

Audio Technica headphones and the output

was great in fact it was also bundled

your phone in the box and the quality of

that one was also really good and you

also have some software options where

you can adjust the sound to your liking

and in fact that also you can actually

set the soundstage how you would like so

in terms of sound output from the

headphone jack it was actually really

really good

it also has stereo speakers like we are

seeing on most of the new flagship

smartphone so you still you have a

stereo speaker so the main speaker is

here at the bottom and the gear piece

also acts as a speaker when you are

playing back youtube videos of video

content now another thing is that this

is a smart phone so the network

reception is also a very important part

and here I have to say that I’m happy

that the network reception is actually

above average on this smartphone if you

guys have been following my review you

know that in this area this is

soundproof room it does signal is very

low and with many phones the calls get

cut with a temp but on this mode a phone

I was able to take calls even in this

room so the network reception is

actually above average on this phone and

with Gio I didn’t have any it shows even

when I was travelling to Delhi I do not

have any issues in terms of network

reception also in terms of day-to-day

usage I never felt any heating issues

with this phone in front very fluently

and also for gaming run all the games

you throw on it without any issues

because of the Adreno 640 GPU that this

one has now let’s talk about the camera

which is the biggest trick on this phone

as you can see it’s a full view display

so we don’t have any front-facing camera

in fact if you look at the back when you

have two cameras one is a 48 megapixel

and the second camera is a 13 megapixel

wide-angle lens and yes it looks like a

back camera but when you switch on the

camera and when you move to the front

switch on the front-facing camera it’s a

mechanical and the front camera actually

flips and that actually becomes the

front-facing camera on this one and many

of you have asked me about the

durability of this I am just abusing it

you can use the volume rocker actually

to move this to any angle you want the

camera about even if like you might have

kids that might like to just hold it

like and move it like this you can do


and nothing will happen so but one thing

to notice that yes it does make a little

bit of sound for example let me bring

this near the microphone and I’m gonna

flip the camera as you can see does make

that slight mechanical noise when it’s

moving because it has guests now let’s

talk about the camera performance so

here are some of the sample shots that I

have taken with this one and as you can

see the shots that we got in outdoor

conditions and in good lighting

conditions the camera performance was

very good the pictures came out very

sharp because it’s a 48 megapixel Sony

sensor that we are seeing in a lot of

other phones and this is a very good

sensor so as expected the shots that we

got have a lot of be paid but when we

move in slightly indoor conditions it

was fine as you can see but when the

lighting goes low and indoor conditions

I felt that the pictures were slightly

soft and even the white balance was up

slightly if he hopefully they can

improve it with this software update and

the best thing is that because the rear

facing camera is itself the front facing

camera even the front facing camera

performance was great it’s that same 48

megapixel front-facing camera that you

are getting so for selfies you get one

of the best selfies on this smartphone

and here are some of the videos that I

shot with this issue 6z so guys shooting

this video with the front-facing camera

of this so6 Z and as you can see this is

in my roof gun and I’m just walking

around to give you an idea how does it

work and this is in the regular mode in

fact we can also shoot the video in wide

angle Road I’ll give you an idea but

this is the regular mode and as you can

see I’m just walking around and looks

like the electronic stabilization is

doing its job and the audio is also

being required why it’s internal

microphone shooting again with the

front-facing camera now this is the

wide-angle lens and as you can see guys

I’m just moving around again you can

record up to 4k on this one and I’m just

moving around to give you an idea how is

the video recording I think this

wide-angle lens can be a great option

for vloggers but as you can get a lot

with this one so this was a very quick

sample AHA but the front-facing camera

technically it’s also the rear facing

camera anyways

the video recording but this is an

artificial lighting conditions and a

half captured again to the wide-angle

lens just inside and as you can see guys

I’m just walking around so it looks like

the electronic stabilization is doing

its job even in artificial lighting

conditions with the video so guys these

were the things that I like with this

smartphone and again guys yes it also

has a physical fingerprint scanner here

on the back and it is very very

responsive very quick and works almost

every time it also has that face

unlocking option is enabled what I felt

because of that flip camera it takes

almost half a second if you’re going to

use the what is a face I’m walking so I

personally was just using this one with

the fingerprint scanner so now let’s

move to the con section what are the

things that I did not like with this

smartphone and again there is a big list

that I have the first thing as I’ve

mentioned the build quality is solid on

this phone feels very very premium very

well built the front glass is Gorilla

Glass 6 and have been using it without

the screen protector or any case and

after 2 weeks also I didn’t get any

scratches or anything so in that aspect

it’s really good but one thing I noticed

is that at least on my unit the the

power on/off button is silently bobbly

that half notice so that is something

that I just notice and I thought to

share it with you

also this phone does not have optical

image stabilization so if it would have

optical image stabilisation I felt that

in what you say difficult lighting

conditions it would have done slightly

better but this is not present but

luckily we have electronic image

stabilization as you saw in video the

video is very stable now another thing

is that other smartphones in this price

range are coming with the AMOLED screen

but we do not have AMOLED screen on this

one and ask issues officials about it

because I was in Delhi and they said

that they wanted to touch a certain

price point they didn’t want to exceed a

certain price point and in fact they

said that this flip camera that what

they have is actually made up of liquid

metal and this is a very expensive part

and if they would have gone with the

AMOLED screen the price would have

increased further so that’s the

explanation that they have came

but again nevertheless

this is a good IPS screen and it also

supports HD air and it’s also very color

accurate also one thing that I’ve

noticed is that I just has that massive

PI thousand milliamp hour battery it

charges the first 65% really quickly

just within an hour or so but I mean if

you’re charging it completely from zero

to about 100% it’ll take you slightly

above to us about two us 15 minutes so

that is something that you have to know

somehow you have mentioned regarding the

flip camera yes it does make that

mechanical noise as you can see I’m

going to retract it I am personally not

annoyed by it but whenever it flicks up

it does make that sound so that is also

something that you have to pay but in

terms of durability as I’ve told you

like I’m just moving it like this in the

hand I’ve closed it manually also like

this and it works oh it’s actually

pretty beautiful it’s made up of

actually liquid metal now moving to the

stereo speakers also technically yes

these are steel speakers that we have

and they’re good enough also in terms of

loudness they go for fairly loud I would

say that’s not a problem just like the

one plus seven but one thing that I

found is that in terms of depth these

stereo speakers do not have that much

depth that is the same problem that I

noticed even with the one class seven so

if you compare the stereo speakers with

establish flagships like the Samsung

Galaxy S ten plus or the iPhone they

have a lot more depth in this tedious

because these simply do not have that

now I’m going to another thing is that

camera as I mentioned in low lighting

situations can become a little bit soft

so that is one thing hopefully they can

improve it with an update and last thing

that I have noticed on this one is

regarding the earpiece don’t get me

wrong what I’ve noticed is that by

taking voice calls the voice tone is a

little bit on the shriller

side that tone and I mentioned about

this to Asus officials and they said

that for the Indian units they have done

that intentionally with the software

they made it a slightly higher pitch but

I frankly feel that’s not a good thing

because all the calls that I was taking

felt a little bit unnatural with their

they told that they look at it and with

the software update they might revert

that’s oh but anyways that is what I

have noticed so in terms of your piece I

would say I would not rated very high I

would rate it seven out of ten as of now

so it’s sold in India for about 32,000

it starts at 32,000 for the 6 GB ROM

million that comes with 64gb of storage

there’s also a what do you want 28

gigabyte storage but I frankly feel

because as this has a triple slot a

dedicated micro SD card slot you can get

away with the 64 GB variant because

micro SD cards are very cheap as of now

and we also have another variant that as

the 8 gigabyte RAM variant that comes

with 256 gigabytes of storage and I feel

the pricing of that one is not that good

that’s priced at about 39,000 they

should have been aggressive with that

and model to summarize I would say this

is a very practical phone because in

flagships we find that a lot of features

that we as consumers like are missing

for example it has that huge five

thousand milliamp hour battery so even

for very heavy user is a very practical

for I really like the fact they have

kept the 3.5 mm headphone jack and the

audio output is actually really good on

this one

and also it has that dedicated SD card

slot so you are not forced to buy or

what do you say the higher capacity

variant and I like the fact that they

have included the FM radio because in

metros the FM radio is good but I’m

still surprised most of the flagships

omit that and I like the fact that it

has a physical LED notification light

and for vloggers and people who are into

selfies I would say as of now this is

the best logging smartphone because the

rear facing camera is the same for the

selfies that is that forty eight

megapixel camera that you are getting so

if you’re a vlogger and stuff it’s great

and the good thing is that in video you

can even use the wide-angle lens to get

that wider aspect for the video the cons

are that no optical image stabilization

and hopefully with the software update

they can improve the what is the image

quality slightly because as of now when

the lighting falls considerably the

pictures get a little bit soft so guys

this was my full review of the Asus 6c

what do you guys think about this device

do let me know in the comment

section below and guys yes I completely

forgot I had promised you guys that I’ll

be posting an FAQ video on this issue

sexy that video will be based on all

your questions so yes I will be posting

that video sometime next week guys when

I get time so again if you have any

other specific questions about this

issue 6e do post your questions in the

comment section below and I’ll try to

include the most important ones in the

FAQ video anyways guys that’s it for now

thanks for watching

gristle Ranjith and I hope to see you in

my next video take care guys

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